Who says online risk training is boring

The boring risk training course traffic update It has been an uphill and downhill ride for the last two years. We have had many moments to celebrate as well as a handful of frustrating close calls. But this morning as I looked at the analytics I realized that we had crossed two important milestones on…Read moreRead more

What is Risk? The new risk assessment & risk management training series

What is Risk? Introductory training series for risk professionals. A number of banking and regulatory customers requested a collection of basic and introductory training materials on risk management. Sometimes as trainers we forget that not everyone speaks the language of risk with the same fluency. The three posts that follow, represent the first installment in…Read moreRead more

Financial Risk Management Training Course

Financial Risk Management Training Course Figure 1 Financial Risk Management Training Course – PD Model using the Merton structured approach The trouble with teaching Financial Risk Management Online is with the amount of ground a trainer has to cover within the allocated two days. The Financial Risk Management Training course reference was put together as…Read moreRead more

Seven new risk and investment management case studies – Free Step by step guides to VaR, ALM, Greeks & Monte Carlo Simulation ..

Case studies cover Value at Risk (VaR), Asset Liability Management (ALM), Jet Fuel Hedging, Barclays Libor Scandal, Fixed Income Portfolio Optimization, Option Price Sensitivity – Greeks & a advance Monte Carlo Simulation tweak for increasing the speed of convergence without increasing the computational overhead.

The Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns…

Very excited about the new artwork, branding and design behind the Risk and Finance Rock Star campaigns launching later this week. After a first round of testing the 90 second video spot has now been finalized and will go live on Youtube later tonight. Stay tuned, more exciting stuff planned for launch in early August…Read moreRead more

Introducing iPadRiskBooks.com

The content business is all about slicing and repackaging. It’s a difficult lesson that we have learnt after playing with specialized risk and treasury management education over the last four years. A journey that started with a market risk metrics publishing experiment in 2008 that after six different pivots ultimately became our most popular risk…Read moreRead more

EURO Currency in danger

Crude oil fell below $80 which is measurably low from earlier prices in March of $100 per barrel and above. George Soros, the billionaire influential Wall Street whiz cautioned to the EU leaders that failure to take emergency notice of the EU debt crisis might led to the falling apart of the EU currency which…Read moreRead more

Financial Risk Management Training Course – Follow the Jawwad’s Risk Management MBA course online

I have been teaching variations of the Financial Risk Management and Derivative pricing course at the SP Jain Campuses in Dubai and Singapore for about 5 years. While the original edition of FinanceTrainingCourse.com came about as a supporting tool for my MBA (EMBA and GMBA) students, I had always felt a need for a complete…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Outlook- Soaring Cushing Inventories

Today sees the impact of Iran signaling to the world that it is ready to halt its nuclear program. Cushing inventories are at all time high and the Fed has opened the door for further monetary easing. The points which gathered the media‚Äôs interests today are: Ben Sharples of Bloomberg highlights the recent events of…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price outlook – Spain Debt Woes

Rising inventories at Cushing, OK, a surprisingly robust growth in crude oil production, slowing import in China and Germany and the debt crisis in Spain were the highlights yesterday