Seven new risk and investment management case studies – Free Step by step guides to VaR, ALM, Greeks & Monte Carlo Simulation ..

Seven new free risk and portfolio management case studies – Value at Risk, ALM, Greeks & Monte Carlo Simulation tweaks

We have been busy over the last three months.

As part of the effort around the re-launch of website on Amazon Web Services and the be a Finance Rock Star campaign we put together seven new case studies for our risk, investment and treasury management customers.

The seven risk, treasury and investment management case studies cover Value at Risk (VaR), Asset Liability Management (ALM), Jet Fuel Hedging, Barclays Libor Scandal, Fixed Income Portfolio Optimization, Option Price Sensitivity – Greeks & a advance Monte Carlo Simulation tweak for increasing the speed of convergence without increasing the computational overhead.

The Value at Risk (VaR), Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Fixed Income Portoflio Optimization case studies do a step by step walk through of building the model using MS Excel. We haven’t held anything back and all you need is your laptop, a cup of coffee and a little bit of time to rebuild the same model on your laptop.

The Greeks (Delta and Gamma) dissection uses graphical tools to define behavior of the two Greeks across Spot, Time, Volatility, Strike and Interest Rates. Jet Fuel Hedging, Barclays LIBOR and Monte Carlo Variance Reduction tweaks are contextual case studies without any excel model building effort or documentation. Greeks, Fuel Hedging and Monte Carlo, if you are not careful will give you a run for your money.

The Barclays LIBOR piece is the easiest read of them all. Just background and insights, no models, equations or twisted concepts.

Understanding Value at Risk (VaR) – A detailed step by step study guide

Understanding Asset Liability Management (ALM) – Simple balance sheet, simple examples, core ALM concepts

Jet Aviation Fuel Hedging Case Study

The Sales & Trading Interview Guide to the Barclays Libor scandal

Fixed Income Investment Portfolio Management & Optimization – Using Excel Solver to rebalance and fine tune your portfolios

Options and Derivative pricing – Understanding Greeks -A graphical dissection of Delta & Gamma

Monte Carlo Simulation – Antithetic Sampling and Variance Reduction Techniques

The case studies were put together as part of the Derivative pricing and Risk Management course series Jawwad teaches at the SP Jain campus in Dubai and Singapore and were tested by EMBA and GMBA students in class. The more advance concepts and topics were developed as part of the treasury and corporate treasury solutions sales workshop we have been running for our treasury and banking customers in the Middle East.

If you like what you see here or would like us to build a detailed step by step case study on a topic that you feel has a large audience, please drop us a note. We will add it to our task list.