April 2011

Finance Courses Redux

Here is the most recent and current list of free and paid for online and video based courses on core finance, computational finance, treasury operations, excel templates, risk and regulatory reporting at the Learning Corporate Finance blog. Enjoy…       Free Finance Courses Accounting Crash Course Advanced Derivatives Crash Course – Structured products, credit…Read more

Currencies Update- USD Declines Against Major Currencies On Account of Fed Maintaining Low Interest Rates

The US Dollar depreciated against all major currencies, after the US Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, announced that the Fed shall continue with its expansionary monetary policy and maintain overnight lending to banks between 0 and 0.25 percent. The Euro-USD exchange rate rose by 0.4389 percent to its value of 1.4853, while the USD-JPY exchange…Read more

Currency Price Update 27th April 2011-Dollar, Yen Depreciate, Australian Dollar Rises on Speculation of Increased Borrowing Rates.

The Greenback depreciated to its lowest level in two years against a basket of currencies, as speculators believed that the Fed shall continue to inject money into the US economy after its Quantitative Easing plans of purchasing Treasury Bonds worth USD $ 600 billion expires in June. The Fed is also expected to maintain overnight…Read more