What is Risk? The new risk assessment & risk management training series

What is Risk? Introductory training series for risk professionals.

A number of banking and regulatory customers requested a collection of basic and introductory training materials on risk management. Sometimes as trainers we forget that not everyone speaks the language of risk with the same fluency.

The three posts that follow, represent the first installment in our new training series on risk. Because we expected the initial selection to also serve as standalone guides, there is some overlap.

The first post provides basic context and sets the tone for risk assessment for financial risks. The second takes a more general view and also serves as the central point for accessing almost everything we have written and shared on this subject over the last few years.

The third and final jumps straight into value at risk calculations and adds a few advance topics. Such as tweaking your Monte Carlo Simulation engine for using actual historical distribution data (walking away from Normality) and calculating Value at Risk (VaR) using Historical Simulation for Interest Rate Swaps, FRA’s and Cross Currency Swaps.

What is Risk? Risk Assessment mindset

What is Risk? Risk measurement – Self Study reading & training materials.

Risk management. From risk to Value at Risk

If you like the materials, drop us a line and tell us what you would like us to add topic wise