Investors were expecting the Fed to announce a fresh quantitative easing especially after recent U.S employment data showed a fragile market. However Fed Chairman gave no such indication which led to pessimism in the market for Gold causing its price to decline. Silver on the other hand rose by 2.9%. The euro to dollar fell…Read moreRead more

EDGY INVESTMENTS: Awaiting Iran talks

Given the current bearish trend, welcome news for the bulls finally arrived. Prices rose after seven days as China pledged to boost its economy.  There are crucial upcoming events that will decide the future oil price. The foremost is talks with Iran this week over its nuclear program. The issue of weekly petroleum inventory on…Read moreRead more

CRUDE OIL PRICE OUTLOOK- Bearish Trend and Rogue Trading

Oil is continuing its downward trend as more bearish news continues to surface. Today media pinpointed the following issues: Reuters reports that Brent crude slipped below $112 today as traders focused on the negatives. Greece talks to form a coalition failed which is causing political indecisiveness across the region. Germany, the largest economy in EU…Read moreRead more

CRUDE OIL PRICE OUTLOOK- Disappointing Chinese Demand

The much anticipated data on Chinese demand went out on Thursday and now markets are reacting to it. US crude oil supplies are also reaching ever-higher levels and the outcome from the elections in France and Greece to the sovereign debt crisis is highlighted in the following media updates today: Mark Shenk of Bloomberg reports…Read moreRead more

CRUDE OIL PRICE OUTLOOK- Elections in Greece and France

The crucial elections in France and Greece finally took place and the markets’ reaction is seen as bearish. Whether this trend will continue or not depends on perhaps the sole bullish feature; whether EU will implement the ban on Iranian oil or not. Investors are waiting this week for China to generate data on its…Read moreRead more

CRUDE OIL PRICE OUTLOOK- Preparations for the Summer

Swings are common in the oil market as today’s analysis shows. Summer season is almost at the footstep and preparations are underway. Is the oil price downward trend temporary and will be offset by the higher demand in the summer season? Media explores this point and a number of other relevant highlights in today’s print:…Read moreRead more


A number of important developments have taken place regarding the EU crisis, the US economy and OPEC production levels. These are covered by the following media prints: Grant Smith of Bloomberg reports that oil prices fell on April 27th 2012 due to the fact that Standard & Poor renewed the credit rating and lowered it…Read moreRead more


This week’s was a roller coaster ride for oil prices.  The gap between WTI and Brent reduced. Along with that is President Obama’s statement to take strict action against oil price speculators. It is also time to take look at how much exactly is the debt crisis weighting upon the Brent. The media this week…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Updates: 7 reasons you should short oil now.

With the uncertainty around US economy, the 10% drop in sales and industrial production in Japan, the tightening in China, inflation in India and the Euro crisis in Western Europe, the only growth story in 2011 will be Germany. That does not justify the build up in demand gap we have all been talking about for the next 2 – 3 years. And while Japan may face a shortfall of 10MW the increased consumption in fuel oil required by Japan over the rebuilding phase is adequately covered by the excess production capacity within both OPEC and non-OPEC members.

Trading with Options – Lessons learnt from a failed trade

Nothing worthwhile in life is worth doing part time. If you want to be a trader you need to be a full time trader. Being a part-timer will just get you hammered in so many more ways than you can even imagine. Don’t leave Good Till Cancelled (GTC) orders and go to sleep for two…Read moreRead more