China to Boost its economy

Oil rose for a third consecutive day on the strength of the belief that economic growth in China would receive a boost in the second half of this year, along with more sanctions announced on Iran by the United States. Brent crude future rose by 1.32% to close at USD $102.40, while the WTI future…Read moreRead more

Weak Chinese Imports figures leading to fall in prices

Gold prices fell on Tuesday 10th July 2012 due to a high dollar rate which was in demand by investors who were shaky about global economic prospects. This demand for dollar led to euro falling against dollar to the lowest levels in two years. Investors’ worries were heightened by China releasing weaker than expected imports…Read moreRead more

EU debt zone causing bad news elsewhere

This time it was the US data on Manufacturing that fell; and that too for the first time in about 3 years. Recently weak data has been appearing on the statistics bulletin for both Asia and Europe, suggesting that the EU debt crisis is causing global economy to slow down. This helped in raising the…Read moreRead more

EURO Currency in danger

Crude oil fell below $80 which is measurably low from earlier prices in March of $100 per barrel and above. George Soros, the billionaire influential Wall Street whiz cautioned to the EU leaders that failure to take emergency notice of the EU debt crisis might led to the falling apart of the EU currency which…Read moreRead more

Financial Risk Management Training Course – Follow the Jawwad’s Risk Management MBA course online

I have been teaching variations of the Financial Risk Management and Derivative pricing course at the SP Jain Campuses in Dubai and Singapore for about 5 years. While the original edition of came about as a supporting tool for my MBA (EMBA and GMBA) students, I had always felt a need for a complete…Read moreRead more

The twist of ‘Operation Twist’

Crude oil prices hit an 8.5 month low and gold lowered in price as well. Silver also followed the downturn. The FMOC meeting results were anticipated but they turned out to be a disappointment. Fed did not issue third quantitative easing under the program ‘Operation Twist’. Then during the night China announced weaker manufacturing data…Read moreRead more

The FED awaits

Gold prices fell today after eight continuous days of increase in price. This is attributed to buyers keeping their fingers crossed for the upcoming Fed meeting which will decide whether to have another round of quantitative easing or not. Also Tuesday saw Spain paying a record price to sell its short term debt which showed…Read moreRead more


Gold gained in price after expectations that Fed will do more to encourage growth, increasing demand for gold as inflation-hedge. Silver also rose due to the same reason. The euro to dollar is continuing its bearish trend due to the renewed possibility of Greece for asking for a third bailout. Cyprus is also expected to…Read moreRead more


Investors were expecting the Fed to announce a fresh quantitative easing especially after recent U.S employment data showed a fragile market. However Fed Chairman gave no such indication which led to pessimism in the market for Gold causing its price to decline. Silver on the other hand rose by 2.9%. The euro to dollar fell…Read moreRead more

EDGY INVESTMENTS: Awaiting Iran talks

Given the current bearish trend, welcome news for the bulls finally arrived. Prices rose after seven days as China pledged to boost its economy.  There are crucial upcoming events that will decide the future oil price. The foremost is talks with Iran this week over its nuclear program. The issue of weekly petroleum inventory on…Read moreRead more