Finance Courses Redux

Here is the most recent and current list of free and paid for online and video based courses on core finance, computational finance, treasury operations, excel templates, risk and regulatory reporting at the Learning Corporate Finance blog. Enjoy…




Free Finance Courses

  1. Accounting Crash Course
  2. Advanced Derivatives Crash Course – Structured products, credit derivatives, exotics
  3. Asset Liability Management – The ALM Crash course and survival guide
  4. Basel III – Liquidity Framework – Reforms to Global Liquidity Risk Regulations
  5. Basel III: Basel II Framework Revisions
  6. Calculating Value at Risk (VaR)
  7. Collateral Valuation in Credit Risk Mangement Course
  8. Computational Finance: Building Monte Carlo (MC) Simulators in Excel
  9. Correlation
  10. Corporate Finance: First Course
  11. Credit Analysis
  12. Credit Process
  13. Derivative Pricing, Risk Management, Financial Engineering – Equation Reference
  14. Derivative Products
  15. Derivatives Crash Course for Dummies
  16. Duration & Convexity Calculation Example
  17. Interest Rate Options – Pricing Caps and Floors
  18. Interest Rate Simulation Crash Course
  19. Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Process (ICAAP) – Overview and Core concepts
  20. Liquidity Risk Management Case Studies
  21. Market Risk Metrics
  22. Master Case: AMD: Valuation and Projections: Case Guide
  23. Master Case: Corporate Finance: LLC or C-Corp
  24. Master Case: Credit Process: Baldwin Piano
  25. Master Case: Electronic Arts: Corporate Finance
  26. Master Case: Office Depot: Ratio Analysis
  27. Master Case: Ratio Analysis: ODP and Staples
  28. Master Class: Risk for the Oil and Petrochemical Industry
  29. Middle Office review: Middle Office External Audit and review
  30. Online Corporate Finance: The story behind finance courses finance case walk through
  31. Options pricing with Binomial trees in Excel spreadsheets
  32. Pricing Interest Rate Swaps – The valuation and MTM course
  33. Ratio Analysis
  34. Setting Counterparty Limits, Market Risk Limits & Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk Limits
  35. WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) & Beta

Video courses for sale

  1. Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation: A Quant and Risk Training Course
  2. Options Pricing Training Video – Option Pricing using Binomial Trees
  3. Quant Crash Course: Parts 1 to 4 – Available for Sale
  4. Setting Value at Risk (VaR), Stop Loss, Pre Settlement (PSR) and Counterparty Limits: Risk Training Videos
  5. Understanding N(d1) and N(d2)
  6. VaR Training Video: Calculating VaR (Value at Risk) using VCV and Historical Simulation

PDF courses for sale

EXCEL examples for sale

  1. ALM – Crash Course – EXCEL Examples
  2. Calculating VaR – EXCEL Example
  3. Setting Limits – EXCEL Example
  4. ICAAP – Credit EXCEL Example
  5. Heath Jarrow Merton – HJM 3 – Factor Interest Rate Model
  6. Principal Component Analysis – PCA – US Treasury Yield Rates
  7. Black Derman Toy Model Construction – EXCEL Example
  8. How to utilize results of a Black Derman Toy Model – EXCEL Example
  9. Credit Analysis – Financial Institution – EXCEL Example
  10. Derivative Pricing – Binomial Trees – EXCEL Example
  11. Pricing IRS – Module I – Term Structures – EXCEL Example
  12. Pricing IRS – Module II – IRS and CCS – EXCEL Example
  13. Pricing Interest Rate Options – Module III EXCEL Example
  14. Portfolio Risk Metrics Example
  15. Calibration of CIR Model Example
  16. Duration Convexity Example
  17. Monte Carlo Simulation – Commodity – Example
  18. Monte Carlo Simulation – Currency – Example
  19. Monte Carlo Simulation – Equity – Example
  20. Valuing Options – Black Scholes Example
  21. Valuing Options – Binomial Tree Example – Traditional Approach