Technorati Top 100 – Crude Oil Insights

So before Technorati wakes up and tells me that it was all a cruel sad mistake and there is no way on this planet (or any other for that matter) that anyone sane is going to entrust me with a 550 rating, that too for a collection of really badly drawan excel graphs and equally inadequate technical writing, I thought I would capture this for posterity. It just made the 3 dollars a month Google Adsense compensation, worth my while.

We made the Top 100 List as well as the Top 10 Risers today on Technorati.

In a barely noted, equally tragic event, we announce with deep sorrow that our USO portfolio representing the net savings of two households and a handful of out of money June call options was completely wiped out today. Which means that my plans for immediate retirement through trading gains have been somewhat deferred.