Peak oil debunked – revisited 10 years later

4 years after JD walked away from the Peak Oil Debunked blog, I discovered his post and his blog playing with wonder wheel on Google. And what a treasure trove of information I found. In a world of oil bulls it was really getting lonely as a bear and I finally found company, real data and fairly decent arguments. If you are looking for an alternate view on oil and need a contrary opinion on the future of oil take a look at the Peak Oil Debunked blog by JD. No longer active and some dated stuff but still relevant.

In essence JD’s arguments are Coal, Nuclear Power and alternative energy options and technologies. While he confesses upfront that yes at some point in the next one hundred years we will run out of oil but society at large will be able to transition to non-oil sources. Civilization at large will not disappear in a global 2012-epiquish disaster when we wake up one fine morning to find that there is no more oil. But the real value of JD’s site lies in the counter argument he proposes and the logical flaws he points out in the arguments of Peakers and doomers.

Go ahead and take a look. Don’t miss the comments section across the posts, it is a real war zone. And JD if you ever see this, thank you.

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