Risk Applications and Frameworks: Dedication

Risk Applications and Framework went to print today. This is the third book we have sent to print this year. The first one (Reboot) took three years. Every new effort gets easier and easier. Full credit for this “Just Ship It” goes to Uzma Salahuddin and Agnes Paul on the content, editing and production side and Nida Faizi on the cover. Place an advance order for your copy now. J

Here is the dedication page

“In the long list of individuals who helped me decipher the code behind risk management and derivative pricing three names stand out.

The first is Paul Petty. Paul was the Executive Director on Goldman’s London Prime Brokerage desk who introduced me to Value at Risk and showed me how to write simply without numbers, formulae or complex terminology. He helped me build bridges with technology and firm wide risk and brought Bernie Minski into our many risk debates. Without Paul, Goldman and the fall of 1998, I may have never walked the route that led to Alchemy.

The second is Mark Broadie at Columbia Business School. Mark taught me how much I didn’t know about security pricing and Excel despite 20 odd cover to cover readings of John C. Hull and 14 years of building spread sheets. Once we acknowledged our ignorance Mark opened the doorway to building simple models for complex term sheets. The elegance of his pricing and modeling approach added a new dimension of brilliance to Mark’s work.

The third and final is late Sir Aziz-ullah at the BVS Parsi High School. He ignited the fire for numbers in his high school students like no other teacher I have ever met and inspired just as many to become teachers themselves.

Without these three light bearers this book would have never been written.”