A number of important developments have taken place regarding the EU crisis, the US economy and OPEC production levels. These are covered by the following media prints: Grant Smith of Bloomberg reports that oil prices fell on April 27th 2012 due to the fact that Standard & Poor renewed the credit rating and lowered it…Read moreRead more


This week’s was a roller coaster ride for oil prices.  The gap between WTI and Brent reduced. Along with that is President Obama’s statement to take strict action against oil price speculators. It is also time to take look at how much exactly is the debt crisis weighting upon the Brent. The media this week…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Outlook- Soaring Cushing Inventories

Today sees the impact of Iran signaling to the world that it is ready to halt its nuclear program. Cushing inventories are at all time high and the Fed has opened the door for further monetary easing. The points which gathered the media’s interests today are: Ben Sharples of Bloomberg highlights the recent events of…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price outlook – Spain Debt Woes

Rising inventories at Cushing, OK, a surprisingly robust growth in crude oil production, slowing import in China and Germany and the debt crisis in Spain were the highlights yesterday

Crude Oil Price outlook – The Midweek Media review

The Math is very simple. The political crisis around Iran will resolve itself within the next 5 months. The economic crisis won’t. 2 dollar gasoline per gallon is better than 3 dollar gasoline per gallon in an election year, but only where there is demand for all that oil. Alternatively a sitting president running for…Read moreRead more

Prediction of crude oil in the coming months: Bringing order out of chaos

Introduction Where will crude oil prices be in the coming months? In particular will WTI prices breach the USD 130 level as some analysts are predicting or will it fall below the USD 100 level as others forecast? We believe that the price of WTI will probably range between USD 110-115 in the second quarter…Read moreRead more