Crude Oil Insights Month: August 2010

Month: August 2010

Crude Oil Outlook: The case for higher US dollar, rising US asset prices, lower interest rates and China trade surplus

When Bruce Greenwald first explained the net importer of capital and net exporter of capital argument at the Columbia Business School class reunion and its implications on the US dollar, I didn’t get it at all. But Michael Pettis at China Financial Markets does a decent job of explaining why the Chinese will keep on…

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Crude Oil outlook: NYMEX crude Oil to break 74 today? The rise of Yen, the dollar slide and US data release on Tuesday

The rumors of Yen’s demise as a safe haven are greatly exaggerated. Events of the last four weeks have again confirmed Yen’s status as a safe haven in times of risk. What does that have to say about NYMEX crude oil futures. Yen’s trade surplus with other currencies frees Japan from the need of overseas…

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