Gold and Silver Price Update- Both Commodities Register Price Declines.

Gold and Silver both registered declines, with silver dropping for a third consecutive day, its worst run since January. Silver future last settled in at USD $ 41.295 an ounce, declining by 3.03 percent. Gold future fell by 0.46 percent to USD $ 1533.30 an ounce. The decline in silver was due to the Comex’s…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update- Oil Declines Due to Rising Stockpile Levels and Economic Slowdown

Oil prices fell for a third consecutive day on reports about rising crude stockpiles and a slowdown in economic growth. This was the longest losing streak for oil since the Japan earthquake in March. WTI crude futures fell by 0.31 percent to USD $ 110.70 per barrel. Brent crude futures fell by 0.28 percent to…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Bin Laden’s Death and Cooling of US Manufacturing Sector Lead to Price Fall

Oil dropped yesterday, on account of news about Osama bin Laden’s death and data showing that manufacturing had cooled in the US in April. At the market closure, WTI crude future was at USD $ 112.89 a barrel, registering a decline of 0.55 percent. Brent crude future declined by 0.44 percent to be at USD…Read moreRead more

Impact of Osama Bin laden’s Death on Commodities’ Markets

Today’s breaking news about Osama bin Laden being killed in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad has taken the world by surprise. The leader and main face of al-Qaeda, bin Laden was instrumental in the spread of Jihadi outfits throughout the world. His death might be nothing more than a symbolic victory in the short-run, considering…Read moreRead more

Exchange Rate Update-USD Advances Against Major Currencies After Bin Laden’s Death

The US Dollar gained advances against all the major currencies of the world, after Barrack Obama declared in a press conference that the leader of the AL-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, has been killed in Pakistan. The USD-JPY exchange rate rose by 0.4064 percent to its value of 81.5220. The Euro-USD exchange rate dropped by 0.2006…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update- Prices Fall as Demand for Precious Metals Declines

Gold and silver both fell, as news about the mastermind of the 911 terror attacks, Osama bin Laden being killed in Pakistan spread in the market. Gold future fell by 0.39 percent to USD $ 1550.30 an ounce. The news about Bin laden’s death brought about an increase in the stock indexes in all the…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Oil Falls On News of Bin Laden’s Death

Oil prices fell today, after the US President, Barrack Obama, announced that the leader of the Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, has been killed while hiding in a safe house outside Islamabad in Pakistan. WTI crude future dropped by 0.91 percent to be at USD $ 112.89 a barrel, while Brent crude future dropped by 0.70…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update- Precious Metals Continue Their Increasing Streak

Gold advanced to USD $ 1556.40 an ounce, as the Fed’s continuing policy of maintaining record low levels of interest rates depreciated the Greenback even more. With the Dollar Index falling for a ninth consecutive day, more investors are rushing towards investing in the precious metal, since the depreciation of the dollar is reducing the…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update- Oil Advances on Account of Strong Consumer Spending in US

Oil prices made further advancements on Friday after consumer spending results showed that the demand for crude oil may rise more. WTI crude future rose by 0.95 percent to USD $ 113.93 a barrel, while Brent future rose by 0.70 percent to USD $ 125.89 a barrel. Data released by the Commerce Department showed that…Read moreRead more