Gold and Silver Price Update-Metals Continue Advances As Europe Crisis Deepens

Gold and silver bullion started rising again, after declining a bit this morning as investors tried to make use of the inflated price of the precious metals. Gold futures increased by 0.09 percent to USD $ 1524.60 an ounce. Silver futures rose by 1.02 percent to USD $ 36.495 an ounce. The precious metals have…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Oil Declines As Dollar Strengthens, Euro Zone Crisis Worsens

Crude oil tumbled on account of a rising US Dollar and fears about a reduced global oil demand. WTI crude futures declined by 0.77 percent to USD $ 98.820 a barrel. Brent crude futures fell by 0.64 percent to USD $ 118.81 a barrel. The Dollar Index, which tracks the value of the US Dollar…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Futures Rise On Speculation About OPEC Using Spare Production

Oil futures rose yesterday, reversing the declining trend after Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley increased their forecast for oil prices on account of reduced OPEC spare capacity. WTI futures rose by 0.57 percent to USD $ 98.26 a barrel. Brent futures rose by 0.63 percent to USD $ 110.79 a barrel. Ever since fighting erupted…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update-Gold Advances Due to A Series of Weak Economic News

Gold bullion registered a slight increase, signaling towards a possible advancement in prices for the first time in three weeks. Gold futures rose by a slight 0.07 percent to USD $ 1509.90 an ounce. Silver futures also increased by 0.07 percent to USD $ 35.11 an ounce. Gold’s attractiveness as a safe-haven increased its demand…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Futures Fall on Concerns Over Greece’s Debt, US Economy

Oil futures declined on concerns about a sluggish recovery of the US economy and Greece’s debt crisis. WTI crude futures fell by 0.94 percent to USD $ 99.16 a barrel. Brent futures fell by 0.73 percent to USD $ 111.57 a barrel. Hedge funds reduced bullish bets on oil on account of the US Dollar…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update-Metals Rise on Signs of Weak Global Economy

Gold and silver advanced, amidst signs about a worsening European Debt Crisis and a slowing global economy. Gold futures increased by 0.10 percent to USD $ 1497.30 an ounce, while silver futures increased by 1.38 percent to USD $ 35.58 an ounce. Officials of the European Central Bank ruled out the possibility of restructuring Greece’s…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-WTI Goes Above $ 100 Mark

Oil futures climbed, as reports released by the US Energy Depratment showed declining oil supplies and increased refinery capacity. WTI crude futures climbed by 0.25 percent to USD $ 100.35 a barrel.Brent crude futures rose by 0.32 percent to USD $ 112.66 a barrel. The US Energy Department said that crude stockpiles declined sharply by…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update-Gold Advances over Europe’s Debt Concerns

Gold bullion increased for the first time after three days today, as concerns about Europe’s sovereign debt crisis increased the demand of the metal as a safe-haven. Gold for June delivery rose by 0.20 percent to USD $ 1493.60 an ounce. The increase in the demand of gold was spurred by growing concerns over whether…Read moreRead more

Currency Exchange Rate Update-Euro/USD,USD/JPY,AUD/JPY Rise

The Euro-USD exchange rate overturned the pattern prevalent over the past few days as it now finally appreciated. The exchange rate rose by 0.0260 percent to USD $ 1.4160. The Euro declined against 11 out of 16 other major currencies, amidst concerns about a possible restructuring of Greece’s debt. The Euro-USD exchange rate declined by…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Oil Drops on Rising US Stockpiles/ Greece’s Debt Crisis

Crude oil dropped yesterday for a second consecutive day on concerns about Greece defaulting on its debts and rising US crude stockpile levels signaling a weakening demand in the US. WTI crude futures fell by 0.14 percent to USD $ 97.23 a barrel, while Brent crude futures fell by 0.28 percent to USD $ 110.53…Read moreRead more