The Crude Palm Oil Contract – FCPO

The Crude Palm Oil Future Contract trades on Bursa Malaysia and is the primary hedging tool for managing and offsetting Crude Palm Oil exposure Data Details Source Remarks FCPO Crude Palm Oil Futures, RM per metric ton Bursa Malaysia Futures settlement prices for spot month and next one-six month contracts   FCPO Price levels and…Read moreRead more

Crude and Refined Product Volatility – Early 2009

  Price volatility trend using a 60 day moving average for Brent and WTI from March 2008 to January 2009.               Price volatility trend using a 60 day moving average for refined products and natural gas from March 2008 to January 2009.

Understanding Oil and Energy 101 – US market and drivers

Energy Insights (Analyst note: Written in May 2009, while this article is dated with respect to pricing and inventory levels it is still a great primer on the structure of the underlying market) The primary objective of Global Energy Insights is to provide an overview of the history and current landscape of key energy commodities….Read moreRead more

Welcome to Crude Oil Insights

I am not a trader, nor an analyst. Technically speaking, I have only worked for an Investment Bank once in my life and that too on the margin trading and risk management desk. I am good with numbers and while I have done well with Excel, Lotus 123 and Symphony, I am not the distinguished…Read moreRead more