Crude oil outlook: Oil expected to go down

Industry analysts polled by Bloomberg expect EIA’s report today to show an increase of 1 million barrels in crude oil inventories. We might well be seeing a bearish trend in the price of oil in today’s trading session. API has already reported an increase in the oil inventories in its weekly report on Tuesday. The…Read moreRead more

Crude oil insights: Oil prices increase slightly on US data

We predicted yesterday in our post that we might be seeing a recovery from the USD on Tuesday which will help in easing oil and gold prices. There were some signs of recovery from the USD as the USD-EUR exchange rate remained well below the $1.40/Euro barrier and later in the day it was trading…Read moreRead more

Oil and gold expected to slide down today

Crude oil for December delivery was trading at $82.34/barrel, down by 18 cents, at 1139 GMT while gold for December delivery was trading at $1,331.60 per troy ounce, down $7.30, at 1144 GMT. We believe that we will be seeing a bit of recovery from the USD today as we believe that the market has…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price: Oil and gold rise on Monday on the back of a weak dollar

The failure of the G20 meeting to reach any agreement over the trade imbalances and in turn the exchange rates has helped the USD to stay weak on Monday but as we mentioned in our yesterday’s post we believed the USD is already very weak and we do not expect to see it going down…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Insights: Dollar heads lower as G20 meeting fails to reach any concrete agreement on exchange rates

USD was seen to be weak again on Monday morning mainly because of the fact that the G20 meeting failed to reach any agreement over the recent currency tension. At 0344 GMT, it was trading at $1.4026/Euro. As a result of this weakening of the USD the crude oil and gold prices have started moving…Read moreRead more