Understanding Crude Oil. A model for dissecting crude oil

Here is the model we used last year to dissect the projected price behavior of oil. This was a fundamentals driven model that examined supply and demand gap, future supply sources and shocks, core demand growth drivers and relative value effects. The same approach was used later this year in building our fundamentals driven model…Read moreRead more

Finance Training Courses at the Capital Club, DIFC, Dubai, UAE

Short half day and full day format applied and corporate finance training courses coming soon to the Capital Club at DIFC in Dubai (UAE) and locations in Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain in collaboration with our DIFC Partners, Kinetrix Limited. Courses cover a range of hands on practical topics from treasury risk to project finance, from…Read moreRead more

US Credit rating downgrade: DTCC, OCC and ICE say no change in treasury haircuts and collateral rules – Day Two.

Please see our previous two posts on the US credit rating downgrade posted earlier on Finance Training Course. The first post is an initial announcement and gut check, while the second reviews analysis published over the last 48 hours in global media supplemented by our opinions and outlook. US Credit Rating Downgrade Day One –…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil breaks 88 dollars a barrel and falls by 4%. Slowing global economy, crashing equity markets or ETF rollover?

For the last few months a simple trade in futures or options would have made you money. Buy puts on crude oil ETF’s as soon as crude oil crossed US$99 a barrel and sell them when crude oil fell beneath 92. Ride the opposite trade by buying calls as soon as you sold your puts….Read moreRead more