Exchange Rate Update. EURO-USD,USD-JPY Rise

The Euro advanced against the US Dollar, as there was a growing sense of optimism that European leaders were working towards an amiable solution to Greece’s sovereign debt crisis. The EURO-USD exchange rate increased by 0.6718 percent to 1.4378. Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, Jean-Claude Juncker, who is also the head of the group of euro finance…Read moreRead more

Gold And Silver Price Update-Commodities Remain High on Greece Debt Concerns

Gold and silver rose, as continued concerns over Europe’s sovereign debt crisis helped the precious metals to register a rally in their prices. Gold futures increased by 0.01 percent to USD $ 1537.40 an ounce, while silver futures rose by 0.74 percent to USD $ 38.145 an ounce. The Greek Prime Minister, George Papandreou, announced…Read moreRead more

Exchange Rate Update. Euro-USD, USD-JPY Fall

The US Dollar declined against its major currencies, as economic news pointed out towards a weak economic growth in the US economy. Also, the Euro declined on rising concerns over Greece’s ability to come out of its economic crisis. The EURO-USD exchange rate fell by 0.2008 percent to 1.4290, while the USD-JPY exchange rate fell…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update-Metals Expected to Remain High.

Gold futures slightly declined after rising for the better part of the past several weeks. Gold futures decreased by 0.02 percent to USD $ 1537 an ounce. Silver continued its upward trend, with prices rising by 0.98 percent to USD $ 38.235 an ounce. Gold slightly fell ahead of the holiday in US and UK…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Futures Slightly Decline after Advancing Over the Weekend

Oil futures slightly slipped today, after rising over the weekend on account of optimism from the G-8 regarding the condition of the global economy. WTI crude futures fell by a slight 0.06 percent to USD $ 100.53 a barrel. Brent futures declined by 114.87 a barrel. With the markets expected to remain closed in the…Read moreRead more

Exchange Rate Update- US Dollar Declines Against Euro, Yen

The Euro appreciated against the US Dollar, as the Greenback declined against 15 out of 16 of its major trading currencies. The EURO-USD exchange rate increased by 0.88 percent to 1.4270. Growth in consumer spending in the US rose by 0.5 percent in April, which is the smallest rise in consumer spending in three months….Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update-Bullion Advances on Euro Debt Concern, Slow US Eeconomy

Gold and silver futures registered advances on concerns over the European Debt Crisis and a sluggish US economy. Gold futures advanced by 0.18 percent to USD $ 1526.40 an ounce. The Euro declined against the US Dollar, after reports suggested that the IMF might not release the next tranche of money to Greece as part…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Price Update-Futures Increase on Strong Global Economy Outlook, Weak US Dollar

Crude oil futures advanced as speculation increased over a strong global economy paving the way for an increased demand of oil, coupled with a weak US Dollar increasing the attractiveness of other commodities denominated in the currency. WTI crude futures rose by 0.47 percent to USD $ 100.70 a barrel. Brent crude futures rose by…Read moreRead more

Currency Update-Euro Declines Against the US Dollar

The Euro depreciated against the US Dollar. The EURO-USD exchange rate fell by 0.4457 percent to 1.4037. The fall in value of the Euro was brought about by concerns about the region’s sovereign debt crisis, along with weak economic data which shows a slowdown of economic activity in the region. Industrial orders in the region…Read moreRead more

Gold and Silver Price Update-Metals Continue Advances As Europe Crisis Deepens

Gold and silver bullion started rising again, after declining a bit this morning as investors tried to make use of the inflated price of the precious metals. Gold futures increased by 0.09 percent to USD $ 1524.60 an ounce. Silver futures rose by 1.02 percent to USD $ 36.495 an ounce. The precious metals have…Read moreRead more