Online Finance courses – Top finance courses at the Finance e-education portal

Based on Google analytics tracking, here are the top courses on the Corporate Finance e-education portal this month. Structured Products: Basic Products, sample term sheet and pricing | Learning Corporate Finance – 171 Views Calculating Forward Prices, Forward Rates and Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) – Calculation reference | Learning Corporate Finance – 146 Views Asset Liability Management…Read moreRead more

Learning Corporate Finance – Now a Technorati Top 100 Finance blog

It took five months to break through the Technorati Rating system but earlier this month Learning Corporate Finance finally became a Technorati Top 100 Finance blog. Couldn’t have done this without our content team (Agnes, Nabil and Adnan) and our super editor (Uzma) or our designer (Nida Faizi) or without the marvelous technological platform of…Read moreRead more

Crude Oil Outlook – Trade ideas for crude oil

The trend for crude oil is now very clearly established. Sell the minute it crosses 80 barrels per dollar for crude and buy once it gets closer to 70 dollars per barrel. I think the trade is worth about 5 dollars each way if you get in at the right time. I won’t do options…Read moreRead more

First the Euro, now the Yen – where is all this volatility coming from

Hang up your trading shoes and run for the hills. The Yen is heading towards 80 Yen to a dollar (if you believe everything you read) as the world switches to safe havens rather than risk. Double dip anyone? The FOMC certainly thinks so! On the same note, the relatively higher safe haven inflows into…Read moreRead more