More food for thought

So if the world economy is so hot and Asia and APAC between themselves will cover the North American and European crude oil demand slack between themselves and more AND oil has nowhere else to go but up, why are Ethylene, EDC, VCM and PVC resin prices heading south in the region?

The EIA short term outlook is out…

As expected no major surprises. The outlook stays in low 80’s for 2010 and mid 80’s for Q4 2010, still below the 90 US$ per barrel year end number quoted by BAML earlier in Feb. I on the other hand tend to agree with Oil Trader at the Oil Trader Blog that there is no…Read moreRead more

EIA short term outlook out today, OPEC meeting on 17th March, the end of cheap oil? – Part I

Crude has been steadily climbing upwards in anticipation of the OPEC meeting next week on 17th March. This momentum may also get some additional fuel by the release of the Energy Information Authority’s (EIA) short term outlook report later today. This was supported by the planned seasonal shipment reduction by OPEC members of about half…Read moreRead more

New Course on Risk Management within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industry

Over at the Learning Corporate Finance Blog, I posted a new free online course on risk management within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical. A short six session introduction to a risk management framework for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industry focused on managing crude oil price volatility for Oil refiners, Polymer and PVC manufacturers and…Read moreRead more