Oil price outlook – BAML revises crude oil outlook downwards

Bank of American Merrill Lynch (BAML) finally updated their 2010 second half crude oil numbers downwards to 78 from their earlier reiterated outlook of 92. BAML was one of the few oil bulls left standing when oil continued its march northwards of 85, side by side by Goldman Sachs (GS). While a lot of analysts…Read moreRead more

And now for the China Factor – Euro, then oil, then gold…

China raises reserve requirements hinting at possible action to slow down its economy and Eurozone GDP growth rate figure disappoints. To the mix of news coming in on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, this last bit of push caps the week for Euro. We now have a new powerful factor pushing oil, gold and other commodities…Read moreRead more

Dollar, Yen versus Euro, Gold and Oil

OilTrader at Darden predicts action in dollar and yen versus euro, gold and oil on Wednesday, Thrusday and Friday (10th, 11th and 12th) February post the scheduled EU meeting on Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Understanding Oil and Energy 101 – US market and drivers

Energy Insights (Analyst note: Written in May 2009, while this article is dated with respect to pricing and inventory levels it is still a great primer on the structure of the underlying market) The primary objective of Global Energy Insights is to provide an overview of the history and current landscape of key energy commodities….Read moreRead more